About S24

Software to assign, capture, track progress and evaluate work and projects anytime, anywhere.

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What is S24 software?

Task and project management software (referred to as S24) includes tools that allow an individual or a team or an entire enterprise to organize work, assign, monitor and evaluate the implementation process. perform their work according to each time period or according to the planned content of the project/department/team.

S24 is a web-based and mobile application.

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Working point of view

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We have the concept that, it is necessary to look directly at the actual value and opportunity, as well as the potential of the product and system from the time the customer requested it to be built, because we know, we need the right cooperation. long-term cooperation and development together, we can survive.

We do not want to make products and services that bring failure to our customers’ business strategies. From that concept and experience, we apply product management institutions with the assurance of safety and security for customers when manufacturing as well as managing products during the cooperation process.

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Organize, assign, monitor, coordinate and evaluate the performance of jobs.

Organize information, track, assign and set goals for project work in a synchronous and professional manner.

Strictly manage customer information in combination with assigning customer work to employees

Accurately monitor the activities of project financial resources and company funds.

A set of tools to help manage project documents, communications and discussions. Quick communication tool between individuals & teams/groups.

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Our teams

We have a team of experts with extensive experience in the IT field

Dr. Duc

Dr. Duc researches in the field of Big data, Data Analysis and AI. He has participated in many domestic and foreign projects in these fields. Currently, he is a technical consultant and in charge of some major projects of the company.

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M.Sc Cong – CEO

He has many years of experience in managing and implementing outsourcing projects for the Japanese, German, and Korean markets – Projects for the Banking industry, universities and social organizations in Vietnam.

M.Sc Thanh

He has participated in many Logistics and image processing projects for major shipping and port companies in Vietnam. Currently, he is doing in-depth research in the field of logistics optimization

Deployment of S24

  • Process construction consulting
  • Product customization
  • Intensive training
  • 24/7 online service support

Ms.Kieu Trinh

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(+84) 76 34 68886

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