The tasks and project management software system (S24 for short) includes tools that allow individuals, teams and enterprises to organize scientific work, convenient in assignment, monitoring and evaluation. the process of implementing the tasks according to the project / department / team plan and schedule.

The software runs on web and mobile platforms. The system is divided into 04 main functional groups:

  • Information – A set of tools for managing, storing and sharing information and communication methods.
  • Tasks – Job / project management toolkit
  • Resources – A suite of management tools for financial resources, assets and partnerships, customers.
  • S24 Premium – Extensive, integrated toolset for large businesses

Business management software has the following advantages:

  • Manage time saving: always cover the work progress, assign tasks quickly and effectively to each member
  • Increase productivity: Report, update, check work results anytime, anywhere
  • Quick work planning: Each member plans, add new jobs and assign managers to track
  • Support for specialized decentralization: Empower, assign roles to each member participating in the work such as: followers, performers …
  • Effective interaction: Can easily exchange, attach documents without having to use other applications
  • Flexible customization: Customizable display: list (List), progress table (Gantt) and Kanban format

Superior features of the software:

  • Organize, manage and divide workgroups on the same system
    • Work organization according to many models such as departments, projects, costs …
    • Creating to-do lists are easy
    • Set deadlines (deadlines) and assign tasks exactly to each member
  • Visually track the progress of work
    • Capture work overview, update data automatically
    • Display the status and level of completion of work or project
    • Track your progress in multiple perspectives, charts
  • Evaluate the performance of members
    • Save the history of each job or project for evaluation
    • Communicate and exchange internally on each specific job
    • Efficient resource allocation thanks to accurate data
  • Comprehensive collaboration on the same platform
    • Integrated chat tools, private chat or group chat. Allow commenting and job exchange to create an environment for easy communication and interaction
    • Freely collaborate with customers while ensuring confidentiality
    • Decentralize use on each function to each member in the project
  • Update notifications, manage jobs anytime, anywhere
    • Email notification system for assignments, daily reminders
    • Use on both web and phone app for Android and IOS
    • Share and manage common documents effectively
  • Automatic reports
    • Keep track of the situation anytime, anywhere on the device
    • Accurate, intuitive data chart
    • Control the success of the project

S24 software will help your business increase productivity and reduce uptime. When it works at its full potential, you’ll have more time to invest in other critical areas of your business.

What are the benefits of S24 software? Businesses get from using an S24 software system?

  • Time saving management: Overall overview of work progress; deliver jobs quickly and effectively
  • Increase productivity: Report, update, check the results of work, anytime, anywhere
  • Quick work plan: Each member plans and adds new tasks
  • Support decentralized deeply: Empower, assign roles to each member participating in the work
  • Effective interaction: Easily exchange and attach documents without using other applications
  • User interface personalization: Customize display in list / progress board or Kanban format. Set up search filters, display data

S24 software helps to capture detailed work progress, accurately evaluate performance. Besides, it also features:

  • Centralized management and division of work
  • Visually track the progress of work
  • Comprehensive interaction on the same platform
  • Update notifications, manage jobs conveniently
  • Report and evaluate work performance
  • Analyze business performance to make better decisions
  • Teamwork is better

The biggest difference that makes S24 different from other software includes:

  • Product development mindset: With thinking more than just software, S24 is an online working environment for businesses.
  • The ability to customize, automatically: Each business has a different characteristic, so the ability to customize and automatically is the outstanding advantage of the solution.
  • Reasonable and flexible cost: Accurate calculation on each user, customers only have to pay what they have used
  1. For managers
    • Quản lý nhiều dự án cùng lúc, nắm bắt tổng quan tình trạng dự án trên một giao diện
    • Adjust, allocate human resources, assign work to each member
    • View reports, analyze employee productivity
    • Communicate easily with subordinates imparting immediate direction
  2. For employees
    • Accept jobs from superiors consistently
    • Proactively plan personal work
    • Report, update, check work results anytime, anywhere
    • Prioritize your work properly
  • Replace cumbersome management tools: S24 replaces nearly 90% of the task management features of Gmail and Excel, all in one management interface.
  • Reduce project management work: Can manage many different projects simultaneously, managers no longer spend a lot of effort memorizing the members’ tasks, because the system will automatically update progress work
  • Reducing the number of employees performing: An employee can complete tasks on many different projects without missing or forgetting to work.

Deploy S24

  • Construction consulting process
  • Product customization
  • Intensive training
  • 24/7 online service support

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