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Organize projects, departments, groups and individuals. Assign tasks to members. Track tasks progress, discuss and interact to get tasks done. The tasks is managed, monitored quickly and scientifically with attached convenient utilities.

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Unique Features of S24 Tasks

Track overview tasks list, cover work progress

Set goals for the tasks; Plan tasks and assign them to each member, easily add new tasks and assign managers to track

Classification of tasks by groups: department / team; personal work; project work; customer; finance … Paternity / parenting tasks

Tasks checklist function, helps to easily break down the items to be performed of a tasks and track detailed tasks progress

Flexibly customize how to display tasks as: list (List), Kanban

Comment, exchange directly on each tasks

Update notifications continuously, remind jobs and send mail to each member

Attach documents from your computer / phone or Google Drive / Dropbox online storage

Search and filter tasks quickly and conveniently to quickly control the progress, status and main content of tasks.

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Ms. Kieu Trinh

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076 34 68886

S24 Jobs will help you

Maximize the productivity of the team

Effective interaction

Comment, exchange directly on each tasks. Easy to store and attach documents

Increase productivity

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Report, update tasks results anytime, anywhere. General tracking of tasks progress

Planning and assignment

Each member plans, adds new tasks and assigns managers to track. Convenient tasks arrangement

Save time on management

Always cover the tasks overview, quickly and effectively assign tasks to each member


Number of tasks handled

Complete work, assigned tasks accurately and quickly


The project is in use

Projects with good results bring benefits to businesses



Always a dedicated and reputable partner accompanying customers

Deploy S24

  • Construction consulting process
  • Product customization
  • Intensive training
  • 24/7 online service support

Ms. Kieu Trinh

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