S24 Finance

Manage financial data, manage in detail categories. Quickly create receipts and receipts, follow-up on direct interaction on receipts and payments. Statistics and reports on an overview of revenue and expenditure activities in the project

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The unique features of S24 Finance

Management with diverse categories: Assets, Funds, Projects

Manage in detail the types of fund books such as: Assets, Cash Funds, Projects

Make up / down votes for assets with many types of properties: classification, account …, set up automatic cyclical mechanism

Prepare a revenue / expenditure plan for each type of portfolio

Track transaction information. Report transaction activities by each category

Export aggregate data of categories

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Ms. Kieu Trinh

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076 34 68886

S24 Finance will help you

Capture the operation of project finance sources, company funds

Property management and search

Quickly track the current status of using assets in the company and easily search when needed

Right Strategy

Easy financial assessment, helping leaders make effective decisions

High security

Decentralized use to each user helps ensure absolute information

Analytical capabilities

Track changes in the financial sector, adjust costs reasonably


Number of jobs handled

Complete work, assigned tasks accurately


The project is in use

Projects with good results bring benefits to businesses



Always a dedicated and reputable partner accompanying customers

Deploy S24

  • Construction consulting process
  • Product customization
  • Intensive training
  • 24/7 online service support

Ms. Kieu Trinh

(+84) 76 34 68886

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