S24 Customers

Customer relationship management system combined with work management helps to track the process of approaching, caring for and supporting customers accurately, closely, easily measuring the performance of sales staff

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Unique features of S24 Customers

Manage leads and leads with many properties such as: status, source, …

Assignment of customer care

Keep track of tasks in progress with customers

Customer support through ticket / Chat system

Manage detailed information of organizational customers: contact point, customer tracking information, service usage information, customer working data

Exclusive interface for customers

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Ms. Kieu Trinh

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076 34 68886

S24 Customers will help you

Accurate tracking, support and customer care

Customer Information Management

Save detailed customer information, convenient for searching and screening

Customer care

Identify customers that bring in big revenue, and make appropriate care policies

Identify potential customers

Marketing investment to attract new customers, turn old customers into loyal customers

Increase business profits

Increase the number of loyal customers while increasing sales


Number of jobs handled

Complete work, assigned tasks accurately and quickly


The project is in use

Projects with good results bring benefits to businesses



Always a dedicated and reputable partner accompanying customers

Deploy S24

  • Construction consulting process
  • Product customization
  • Intensive training
  • 24/7 online service support

Ms. Kieu Trinh

(+84) 76 34 68886

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